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Turn Off UAC 1.0

Turn Off UAC is a free tool to help you quickly turn off or turn on the User Account Control (UAC) in Windows Vista/7 operating systems. For the UAC settings, this software provides the most convenient way to control, you don´t need have an


Turn Off LCD 2.0.1

Turn Off LCD is simply a little executable that turns off the LCD of your laptop or the monitor of your PC. Turn Off LCD keeps your laptop LCD or PC monitor sleeping. To wake up your monitor, simply wiggle the mouse or type any key on the key


Turn Off LCD 1.01

There are times when you just want to listen to some music on your notebook/laptop and want the display (LCD) of your notebook to remain off while the lid is still open. While there are a small amount of notebook manufacturer’s who provide thi


Turn Off Timer

Turn Off Timer is a simple application that was made to allow the user to set an amount of time before shuting off or restarting their computer. Requires Java Runtime Environment. Get It Here.


Turn Watcher

Turn Watcher is an Initiative Tracker for RPG Game Masters! Combats made easy!


Kellie Stanford - Turn of Fate

Kellie Stanford - Turn of Fate is an adventure game tells the story of a film makeup artist - Kellie Stanford. The heroine was related to its future with the film and what she was doing before. One day I got a call from a friend, who shall at the time tha


22 Strategy Games 2.4

From mazes to mahjongg to tetris and more. 22 challenging kidsafe games for all ages. This award winning game pak will keep you thinking and has something for everyone, test your brain on our strategy games or just waste some time with our matching block


Strategy Game

Empires Online is a free multiplayer online strategy game.


10 Min Space Strategy 1.03

10 Min Space Strategy is a free online strategy game played turowm system, where the action takes place in outer space. The player who takes the game, you will have the opportunity to create their own planet and give it the appropriate attributes for each


tuber vs solanars strategy 1.03

When it all started nobody knows. Solanars come from nowhere and turn whole alive worlds into soulless mechanical systems! They don't lead any negotiations and have nothing to do with compromises. They just conqueror one planet after another! And the reas