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twin folders 4.5

Working on two different computers? Keep your files up-to-date at both of them with this easy-to-use utility. It can synchronize and backup/restore your files, access FTP folders and work on timer and/or folder content change event.


twin searching 2.5

A wizard like application that gives you the ability to insert a query in two search engines at the same time (selecting from a list of twelve), and follow the results in a dual frame pane of your default browser. The program permits only two search eng


Twin Folders

File Synchronizer and Backup utility. FTP access. Automated tasks.



Find and delete duplicate files or similar images


Twin Searching

Twin Searching allows to to launch a search query in two search engines simultaneously and view the results in a split screen, using your default browser. The supported search engines include Google, Yahoo, MSN, Dogpile and several...


IP Camera HD 1.0

Gmax IP Camera enables you to transform your standard web cam into a network IP camera which is able to deliver a HTTP M-JPEG stream. Your stream can then be access from any browser or media player (e.g. VLC) that supports M-JPEG streams. The p


video camera 1

A collection that provides you with two icons representing a camera.


camera recovery 4.03

In cases where photos are missing or deleted, efficient camera recovery software is required to recover missing or deleted photos from camera. Kernel for FAT and NTFS is such an efficient tool that can enable the user to recover photos from camera and sav


IP Camera Viewer

Free IP camera monitoring software views multiple cameras


Magic Camera

Webcam software to add a virtual webcam with 1000+ cool webcam effects