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Used to test your computer's Unicode support


Unicode Controls for VB6

Unicode Controls and Classes for VB6 - Turn your VB6 into an Unicode Machine!


Unicode Viewer 0.1

Unicode Viewer is a tool for browsing Unicode tables to get detailed information about every character. It provides functions to navigate through tables by blocks, search for single characters or sets and to create custom tables. The GUI is


tamzwart standard unicode 1.001

Tamzwart Standard UNICODE is an original character that will change the look of your written documents.


Unicode Image Maker

Mini text editor designed to produces graphics output of unicode text


ascii to unicode variable string creator 1

Usage is simple: 1. Enter a variable name 2. Type in the ASCII string 3. Unicode String Variable Creator will create a the variable which you can copy into your .data section


Unicode File Lists Items Merger

Unicode File Lists Items Merger



Tired of clicking through all the fonts when trying to create a nice text layout? Here´s the solution


Stencil fonts

Create stencil letters out of any installed true type font.


show your fonts 1.3

Show Your Fonts provides a fast and simple way to display and sample all the fonts installed on your computer. There are no frills, just an easy to use self-explanatory user interface that enables you to click on any font in the main window and sample it.