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Unlock file or folder, locked by system processes or applications


EMCO UnLock IT 3.0.2

This small but powerful application which can give you a detailed report of what files are locking specific processes. In addition you can kill any process in order to free the locked files. Features: Detection of processes that hold locks


emco unlock it 3.0.3

A neat free utility that helps you to take control of any file or folder when it is locked by some application or system. For every locked resource, you get a list of locking processes and can unlock it by terminating those processes. EMCO Unlock IT offer


unlock access mde design 4.0.11

If you have lost the original MDB/ADP/ACCDB file and need to make simple design changes to the application this is the ideal software tool. * The software unlocks the MDE application allowing you to edit forms and reports in MS Access. You can change th


Unlock Windows 7 Password

Unlock administrator and users' password for all versions of Windows 7.


angry birds rio unlock 1.0

All levels are unlocked! Come to rescue the trapped birds! Those poor angry birds are kidnapped in a magic city in various cages and they are in desperate need of your help! Let's go for levels of released Angry Birds!


iPhone Unlock Toolkit 1.0

iPhone Unlock Toolkit is a simple tool designed to help you to unlock your iPhone in one mouse click


Fast Unlock Kool

Fast Unlock Kool is a simple application that can lock/unlock major important parts of Windows (like Task Manager, Command Prompt, Regedit, and menu Run.), as well as check for malicious StartUp programs (including spyware, and adware) and stop


Folder Lock & Unlock 1.0.0

Lock & Unlock Folder is a simple program coding data. Allows you to encode a password to a directory, receiving access to the data contained therein to third parties. The application uses a strong encryption algorithm "BLOWFISH". Length of the key (passwo


unlock excel workbook 2.0

If regrettably or unfortunately your Excel Sheet Password get vanish from your mind and you are so much worried about how to Unlock Excel Workbook? Then do not exert your mind more because PerfectDataSolutions brought a perfect method in the form of PDS E