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ipa console 1

The TDS IPA Console is an on-screen keyboard for typing characters and diacritics in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The Console is a Java Web Start application which allows you to easily generate and paste strings of IPA symbols in Unicode. T


console drawing 2.0

Console Drawing is simple program for vector drawing in console.


Console Calculator v2.2

Console Calculator is a fast and powerful command-line calculator. This calculator performs advanced mathematical functions, remembers recent entries, allows creation of user defined variables and custom functions. This calculator is an especial


likebasic console 3.5

LikeBasic could be used as a component on form. It could modify the appearence of the hosted form, which could be made without recompiling the application. There is included LikeBasicConsole, which could be used for running and testing LikeBasic progra


MKN NetSniffer Console 1.0

MKN NetSniffer Console is a tool that monitors network traffic in real time


console library 0.2

A cross-platform c++ library which have basic console functions, like color changing, title changing, reading input, screen clearing...


WinGuruXP Console 1.0

WinGuruXP Console is a set of small and powerful tools design to work together within a Windows Console (SWVE. Single Window Virtual Environment). It was designed and built to take full advantage of the Windows XP Operating System while providin


SupportWindow Console

SupportWindow Support Console with Presentation Capability


MonitorWare Console

Analysis console for Windows & Network Events


nSight Console 2.1

nSight is a distributed, network analysis and trending system that provides unparalleled insight into your network and its assets. nSight´s network analysis technology dissects every packet traversing your network. The result is an actionable,