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Vocals Be Gone

A music player app that supports removing the primary vocals from and shifting the pitch of the audio files it plays


Logic Pro X Flexing Vocals

Logic Pro X adds a new "Flex Pitch" feature that lets you tweak vocals to make a perfect recording


Vocals in iZotope Nectar 2

Produce stunning sounding vocals, VOs and special FX with iZotope’s powerful Nectar 2 plugin


Reason 6 404 - Recording and Producing Vocals

When it comes to recording and editing vocal performances, Reason 6 gives you limitless possibilities! Come along for the ride as Reason wizard Hollin Jones shows you how he creates platinum vocal tracks in Reason 6


Art of Audio Recording - Recording Vocals

Whether you’re working in a world-class audio environment with a million dollar console, or your spare bedroom with a beat up old ball mic, this tutorial shows you everything you need to know to record platinum sounding vocals into your DAW