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Usage Monitor

Usage Monitor lets you set watch limits on processes to know when your process is using too much


Bandwidth Usage Monitor

This software is designed to monitor the amount of bandwidth consumed using your


Internet Usage Monitor

Monitors the time spent on the internet and calculates the cost accordingly


Internet Usage Monitor 7.7 Lite

> Automatically detects when you go online > Online Timer Displays Time/Time left and Cost simultaneously > Cost support for almost all countries.Four zones for more flexibility > European number system compatibility > Keeps account of Failed Login att


Monitor Computer Usage Software

Record how long each window is active over a given length of time.


CPU Usage 1.0

CPU usage is a simple processor and memory indicator. Program is designed to occupy minimal desktop work space (you don´t have to close it just because you need your work space). It continuously shows you the status without bothering you. It al


PC Usage Viewer 2.01

PC Usage Viewer shows the times your computer has been active with no previous setup required. The software doesn´t need to run in the background, because Windows tracks login and logoff times (working hours) by default, and the program analyse


Disk Usage Calculator 1.5

The TomaWeb Disk Usage Calculator shows your disk usage by directory, with the largest directories first. It shows the top largest 500 folders. Very useful when you need to clear some space on your hard drive.


Report Computer Usage

Report Computer Usage - computer and internet activity monitoring software


Disk Usage Analyser v2.01

Ever wondered what´s using up so much space on your hard disk? Disk Usage Analyser will help you find out. This tool provides a familiar Windows Explorer view of your system which includes the size, space used, slack space and file count of eac