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windows 8 start screen customizer v1.3 beta

This is a new version of this tool that will change your Windows 8 Start Screen background picture.


Classic Windows Start Menu 3.2

Recover Windows XP classic menu for Windows Vista and Windows 7, including Aero and Glass effects. Once executed, this tool will launch a Windows XP-style menu that you can call in the same ways you used to do before: Win key, Ctrl+Esc or cl


Multi Screen Emulator for Windows

Get up to 10 virtual desktops on a single PC.


Windows 7 or Vista Login Screen Changer

Change Windows 7 or Vista Logon Background and Login with your favourite image


Cat Licking Screen Cleaner Screen Saver

This cute little kitten tries to lick your screen clean. You can turn off the sound in the windows screen saver options if you prefer the kitten to be silent. This is similar to the dog licking cleaner. If you have any other pets licking cle


Start-Q 1.0

Start-Q allows startup items (those programs or files that were set to be automatically run each time a user logged in to Windows) to start in a more orderly fashion


Start My Day 1.0

Start My Day is a first of its kind freeware for Windows users. Simply put, Start My Day is for those users who hate going through the same process each day, loading this and that. With Start My Day, a user can pre-configure a list of applica


QuickTrack Start

Quicktrack start allow you to track items using a barcode reader


Start Menu 8

The Best Start Menu Replacement for Windows 8


Start Menu 7 v4.53

Do you have hundreds of programs in your Start menu? Do you waste time looking for the program you need? Try Start Menu 7 to instantly find what you need among the large amounts of information. Start Menu 7 is effective for advanced users an