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Plant Tycoon

Can you find the 6 Magic Plants of Isola?


AutoCAD Plant 3D 2013

AutoCAD Plant 3D is an advanced application developed by AutoDesk, is used to design a variety of industrial and manufacturing facilities. With the program design and create three-dimensional models used for manufacturing. Users can create and modify any


Waste treatment plant in 2010

Waste processing plant in 2010 is a comprehensive system of services for companies engaged in the collection and treatment of waste and waste electrical and electronic equipment. The program is compatible with the latest legislation on the management of w


zombie leo 1.0

Use mouse to play,zombie will automatically move forward,player need to click need to click on various machinerys and traps in time to help zombie avoid obstacles and dangers,click zombie to stop him,click again to continue to move,the goal of each level


Zombie Movie

Zombie Movie is straightforward shooter whose sole purpose is killing maundering around zombies. The character was employed by a director, who dreams of creating exciting video which views the fight against zombies. It so happened that the world has been


zombie warrior man 2 1.0

Zombie Warrior Man wants revenge on his captors and the evil doctor that made him this way! You are the Zombie Warrior Man that looks like Iron Maiden Eddie equipped with a chainsaw. Make your way in this bloody splatter game! Use arrow keys to move; Spac


Zombie Rampage

Zombie Rampage is a free, brutal shooter with RPG elements in which we will be forced to face the bloodthirsty creatures called zombies. Our job is to protect access to the bunker, we do running and shooting at the advancing undead from all sides. Our cha


zombie warrior man 1.0

Zombie Warrior is held captive in the hospital while they perform experiments on him. Zombie Warrior however does not much like hospitals as they make him mad. Help him to escape and teach his captors not to mess with zombies. Use arrow keys to move; Spac


Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter is a dynamic and bloody shooter game where treatments were taken using native of RPGs. Given that this product came from the hands of the creators of Alien Shooter, it is not difficult to discern the similarities of these two titles. Just a


lala zombie 1.0

Lala Zombie is an interesting dress-up game for free. LaLa is a pretty zombie girl. Her hobby is fashion. She is very friendly zombie. So, today she is going to the fashion party. Help her choose some new clothes and dress up. Have fun!