1st4Fans Aston Villa edition


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1st4Fans, Windows Phone's top rated sports app, is now available for Windows 8!

Aston Villa gossip, news, live match data, commentary, fixtures and results. Because you just don't care that much about other teams ;)

1st4Fans reviews from around the world:
"Love it. It makes it easy to follow games, but also news. The live tile brought a lot of news to my attention. This app has become my main source to follow the team."
"It's an awesome app for a fan."
"Great app bringing together all team news. Live tile really livens up my start screen!"
"An informative, attractive application which is very easy to use. Provides up-to-date news, league table, results and upcoming fixtures for all competitions."
"Best football app on the market. LOVE IT!"

Not single-source, censored or sanitised like big name or official apps. We search out all the club information without fear or favour.
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1st4Fans Aston Villa edition

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