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3D Viewer for JT is the most touch-friendly way to view your JT format 3D files. Zoom, spin, and pan using your Surface Pro or other Windows 8 device.

Users enjoy native viewing of JT (ISO 14306:2012) files and are aided in the creation and collaboration of subsequent documents with any Windows 8 application such as Microsoft Office. JT is the most commonly exchanged collaboration format for 3D in Automotive and Aerospace industries where mobility is a key enabler of business processes.

3D Viewer for JT provides fluid, 3D, navigation of JT files with touch gestures for spinning, rotating, zooming and panning, as well as standard engineering views with an option for perspective or orthographic display. It also features a redesigned part navigator that provides unparalleled ease of use for managing the display of components and gaining insight into the assembly structure. It uniquely provides snapshot capabilities to quickly capture the 3D viewport screen as an image, and makes it available to other applications for creating design and engineering notes, enhancing presentations or spreadsheet-based bills of materials.
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3D Viewer for JT

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