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Test your skills against competitors around the world in a fun and challenging game of strategy. 4 in a Row (also known as Connect 4) allows you to practice and sharpen your skills against complex AI, or against human opponents from all over the world.

4 in a Row delivers a superior game play experience and embodies the classic look and feel of playing on a real board.

The rules are very simple. Be the first player to get four game pieces of the same color in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. But watch out, it can be trickier than it sounds!

Support for four fun and unique play modes:
* Classic: Each opponent takes turn dropping a piece. First to connect 4 pieces wins.
* Bust 4: The object of the game is inverted, your goal is to force your opponent to connect 4.
* Pop Out: You can pop out your piece in the bottom row causing the rest of the column to shift down.
* Big Board: Classic play with a larger 8x7 board.

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4 in a Row Online

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