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Aero Wallpapers HD, provide you with the latest and most complete high-definition desktop wallpaper.
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Why the AERO effect can not be opened up automatically with computer start in Win 8?
"I installed Windows 8 Ultimate 64 bite onto my computer and every time when I want to open the AERO and transparent effects only through manually detect can start it ( due to the desktop window manager is disabled). First, the configuration of my PC..."
Aero in win 8 Beta ?
"Hi, you all . as a newbie, i have encountered with some problems which need your help. i just bought laptop of HP with win 8 Beta. to my surprise, i didnt find aero inside. there is no doubt WINDOWS 8 come up with aero. who can help me to find it ou..."
Customize Taskbar without Aero-win 8
"Hello, guys Coming here for some help because you guys have fixed all my problems in the past. As a novice computer user, i want to is there a way to customize the Taskbar in windows 8 without Aero. I am using windows 8 beta 64 bit, come up wi..."


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Aero Wallpapers HD

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