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Amazon Animal Slots is the wildest gamble you will ever partake in on your Windows device. This is a slots machine where the law of the jungle reigns and where you have to either succeed or perish.

Join the million ­plus species of the world’s largest forest on a never ­before adventure with the Amazon Animal Slots — the world’s most animal ­friendly and wild pokies machine on the Windows store.

Dare to sail into the world’s longest river and peer into the world of undiscovered species of animals and plants, and hitherto unseen tribes. Win jackpots and bonuses on the best­ever simulation of a Las Vegas pokies machine.

It takes wits and courage to play through the entire expanse of Amazon. Do you have what it takes to cross the world’s longest river while playing pokies? Yes, you have. So download the wildest slots machine into your smartphone or PC and play on a five reels, 20­ pokies games.
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Amazon Slots - Wild Luck - Casino Pokies

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