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APPA Flight Info brings you up to date flight information for the major airports of the UK and Ireland. Flight departures and arrivals information is delivered directly to your device. You can even get maps of the airports, where supported.
APPA Flight Info lets you set a ‘watch’ on a flight, and be informed (via ‘toast’ notifications and live tiles) whenever the flight status changes. So, if your flight moves from ‘Wait in lounge’ to ‘Go to Gate 15’, APPA Flight Info will let you know.**
Send flight information via email about the current state of your flight.
APPA Flight Info also includes a list of world airlines, complete with their codes, and links to all their websites.
Information is refreshed automatically on a timely basis, specified by the user.

APPA Flight Info is an indispensable addition to any traveler's tools.

In case of any problems, please contact our support (, who will respond promptly to any problems.

If you have any enhancement requests, please let us know at - Thanks.
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APPA Flight Info

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