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With the Logos Bible app you open up more than 40 free Bibles and other books. Download the free Bible app today and experience fuller, richer Bible study – wherever you go. This app works alone, but also complements the full Logos Bible Software for desktop computers, and will sync with your account.



BIBLE STUDY RESOURCES—Summarized Bible: Complete Summary of the New Testament, Summarized Bible: Complete Summary of the Old Testament, Morning and Evening by Charles H. Spurgeon, Systematic Theology by Augustus Hopkins Strong, and many more.
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Fact: King James, who created the international standard with his version of the bible, was bisexual, more gay than strait in fact. He loved dressing up like a woman, and he had several servants while he was on the throne that were all men, who he had dress as women and they were called his "pretty boys". I'm not kidding either, it is proven documented history. Christianity and its entirety, is beyond fucked up. The bible is simply a book put together by a bunch of cultist sheep herders who worshiped a man who claimed to be a god. He and his mother also claimed that she had never had intercourse but still managed to have a child. Hmmm, yeah, that makes perfect sense. Mary was a slut, Jesus was FUCKING INSANE, and everyone who believes that he created everyone and their every thought and has their entire life pre-determined and we have no say-so or influence on this what so ever, is a total fucking idiot. People actually think the bible happened and that someone in the sky can hear their prayers and loves and cares for them, and if you're good little boys and girls who go to church in order to try and understand this crazy fucking piece of literature, then just maybe you will be able to live up in the sky with all of your dead friends and family after you yourself die. When a person dies, they are put in a box in the ground to rot just like every other living thing will eventually do. Christians need to open their fucking eyes and open their arms and fucking help people instead of being lazy, hypocritical, intolerant bitches praying to the magic man in the sky to fix everything for them so they can sit on their asses and feel sorry for themselves.
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