Bound by the Kincaid Baby(Harlequin free)


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The affluent Mitch Kincaid's livelihood hangs in the balance because of his father's peculiar will. Unless he takes in his father's illegitimate child and looks after him for one year, Mitch will lose his entire fortune. The child is now under the care of its aunt, Carly. "I'll give you a hundred grand for the child. No—five hundred." Mitch offers Carly riches, but she refuses. She claims she doesn't need any money, and that she'll only cooperate on the condition that she, too, lives at the Kincaid manor. Dammit, what is she after? Does she intend to slink into his bed—and push him into marrying her?
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Bound by the Kincaid Baby(Harlequin free)

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