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Want to experience blue screen of death? This app gives you that!
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windows 8 blue screen
"I thought that I would see any more blue screen after installed Windows 8. But it still exists. My Windows 8 displays blue screen randomly, but all blue screens are showed within 2 hours after startup. I don't know what wrong with it. If anyb..."
BSOD dumping memory when playing games
"Hello, everybody I got the BSOD when playing Warcraft. I need a professional to anaysis this file for me and let me know if it's the system ram or the video ram that is being dumped. thank you for your time and im waiting here for your help...."
Various BSOD problems in windows 8
"hello, everyone I have been experiencing the BSOD problem for quite a long time since I reformated my pc. at very beginning, the BSOD problem occured every two weeks. but now it strikes twice, within one hour for I've uninstalled media player cl..."


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