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Knowledge of the talent of your staff at your fingertips

A proper management of human talent is essential to get the best of your partners.

However, recognizing talent in large companies can be extremely complex. To overcome this problem we have developed Buxis, a comprehensive solution designed to manage human capital across your organization.

The business world requires quick and practical responses. FRAMEWORK OF HUMAN TALENT is the next step in our renowned human and intellectual capital management system: an application for Surface tablets running Windows RT that will enable you to carry all your business talent in your pocket.

FRAMEWORK OF HUMAN TALENT is a free application that can be used in 2 ways:
- as Guest User: you do not need to register as user and you can to get to simulated data in order to understand the potential of the application

- as Registered User: if you have already installed the BUXIS system in your company or you are using other Human Resources system, you have to contact us (clientes@buxis.com). We will advise you about how to connect the application to real data and how to use it with real user and password.
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BUXIS Cuadro Talento

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