Carnival of Death


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Grok the Monkey, accused of murder! And you, a police detective, saw the whole thing! You may not have had a front row seat when the chimp killed his partner, Rollo the Magnificent, but it was tough to miss the chimp throwing a sandbag from the rigging which struck the magician and snapped his neck!

Was it an accident? Intentional? Or did someone manipulate the chimp, making him a chump?

It's up to you to unravel the web of deceit and lies that make up The Parker Carnival and Sideshow Extravaganza. And who better to help Grok prove his innocence than you, a police detective?

Carnival of Death features a fourteen chapter novel, written by Rollo’s assistant, Angel Rossini, that explores the backgrounds of the carnies. It delves into the depths of despair, the delight and the discovery of carny life, and what made them choose it.

For readers, this interactive murder mystery will bring many hours of pleasure, amusement, and thought.

Like all Tappable Tales™, game play consists of reading, exploring, thinking and tapping, and is designed to create a unique reading and discovery experience.

Requirements: Read. Think. Tap.
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Carnival of Death

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