Circle Hockey -English-


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It is a new hockey game played using a circle.
by two persons, this game should face each other and please play it.

*When you start, the characters of "touch to start" appears.
*When you tap the screen, the game screen is displayed. The front side of the screen is your coat.
*The screen is arranged in two rows of six balls and running is one, the ball has stopped.
*When you tap the screen, where you tap circle "red, blue"is drawn.

*If the circle becomes large and becomes a fixed size gradually, a circle will disappear.
*If a tap is carried out and a green ball hits with the made circle, a ball will be flipped and it will move.
*The victory of the better and you put 7 points ahead of the opponent the ball to the goal.

※Tap circle is large enough, the speed of the ball faster.
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Circle Hockey -English-

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