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Logitech Camera Controller

Photo Hack

Description Get the most out of your Logitech webcam in Windows 8 with the Logitech CameraController app Apply funky effects with eight different filters to your photos
Name Logitech Camera Controller Photo Hack
Supported processors x86, x64 x86, x64, ARM
Category Photo Photo
Age Rating 3+ 12+
Publisher Name LOGITECH Europe S.A. Turtle Interactive Software
Languages English (United States), Chinese (China), German (Germany), Spanish (Spain), Japanese (Japan), French (France), Russian (Russia), Danish (Denmark), Greek (Greece), Italian (Italy), Korean (Korea), Dutch (Netherlands), Norwegian (Bokmål) (Norway), Polish (Poland), Portuguese (Brazil), Swedish (Sweden), Chinese (Taiwan), Turkish (Turkey) English (United States)
Price Free $1.49
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Rating Num 902 7