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This App to increase our knowledge about the computers and the modern Technology and you can Share its Information with your friends

BY:Ahmed Nasser
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Old Computer and Windows 8
"I think this could be a good separate thread, one to post our trials of WIN 8 on our old machines. I have an OLD Dell desktop, sporting these specs, that I'm just itching to test on. Haven't gotten around to it yet, though. Previously I was running..."
computer keeps rebooting with windows 8
"hello, guys a few weeks ago I just upgraded to windows 8 from win 7 and ive been having some minor issues with it. sometimes when i get an update,when it asks to reboot ,it gets to the desktop and just keeps rebooting. sometimes i had boot it to g..."
Maintain your computer with windows 8
"hello, here, i just want to know how to maintain your computer with windows 8. Is it still similar to that in windows 7? and we all know that disk cleanup and defrag is the fastest and easiest way to speed up your computer. Any ideas?..."


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Computer Biography

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