Cruise Control HD


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The ultimate edition of the acclaimed top-down driving game is here and exclusive to Windows 8. This game will put your reflexes to the test.

Get your hands ready as you will be driving on streets with just 2 lanes. It's all about hand and eye coordination as you drive and absorb gems while switching lanes to avoid obstacles.
Get ready for hours of fun as you engage in the most exciting driving experience ever.

Over 16 stages all with their unique color's and music.

The more you drive the faster the game, The more challenging everything becomes.

Save and resume your game at anytime.

Leaderboards to see who's on top!
Earn your place on the Leaderboards with Arcade Online Mode.

Are you competitive?
Arcade Online mode - A very unique multiplayer experience where you challenge those that are on the leaderboards to take the #1 spot! Players can see who their up against as they rank up in real-time and pass their foes. Position and score's are uploaded to leaderboards after each checkpoint, that way you can always leave and resume from where you left off but be warned - While your taking a break another player can creep up and pass you.

Windows Phone Wireless Remote Control
Companion app for the windows phone where you can use your phone as a wireless remote for your game. Imagine playing this game on the big screen and using your phone as the remote control with full navigation through different menu's.(Phone and game must be on the same network).

Live tile support - Not playing the game no problem.
Right from the start screen you can see what your score and rank is.

So what are you waiting for ? Get ready to cruise!

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Cruise Control HD

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