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Daily Wallpapers brings you fresh high definition images every day, and helps you change the background image on your Lock screen. Take photos and create a new account profile picture or just hit the slideshow button and watch the beautiful HD pictures come alive.

No need to manually download images from the Web and work through System Settings. Browse through pictures imported from a camera and the Picture Library; plus many fresh images added automatically by Daily Wallpapers, up to 100 per day! With a simple click on a command on the app bar, you can set an image as the background of your Windows 8 Lock screen, helping to bring your favorite images to you, every time turning on your PC.
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Daily Wallpapers

name unknown

For some reason the Lotte pertucis never really seem to capture the essence of the group (or any of the other celebrity models) but these are some of the better ones.Now if only Lotte would hire better proofreaders for the English site; the group is identified as Bing Bang!
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