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Discover, search, collect, and share from a wide variety of digital art and graphics providers, including award-winning content from Corel communities and high-quality stock photos and vector art from popular providers.
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Incomplete Window Content of Windows 8
"Hello, guys, My laptop is Dell 1088, which is installed with windows 8 64 bit Pro. Several months later since I bought it, many of the windows can not display all the content, and some of the most important place can be be pitched on. Any c..."
Excel Problem in Windows 8
"Hey, guys, I came across a troublesome problem. I have thought it over, but I failed to find the solutions. As everyone knows that we I can open the Excel by double click. But what is strange is that when I open it in this way, the screen will re..."
Full Window Dragging in Windows 8
"Hi guys, My laptop, whose configurations are not so good, is with windows 8 SP1 as the operating system. It will get stuck during full windows dragging. So I have always set not to display the content in the windows during dragging the window. re..."


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