Digital Photography 201 - Advanced Digital Photography


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In this course you'll dive deeper into digital photography! Learn important composition and professional techniques in this 2+ hour tips 'n tricks-filled course by expert Matt Vanacoro.
Matt starts the course by taking a close-up look at photo gear in the digital age. He gives you great pro tips on everything from the internal workings of a camera and how to maintain all the parts, to the best choices for external flashes and microphones for given situations.

Next, is a section on image composition which looks at both the technical side as well as the creative side of this fascinating visual art and craft. Learn how to reduce image noise and make time-saving adjustments to your images INSIDE the camera before even taking them out to photo editing software. Matt also explains graphic principles like the Rule of Thirds as well as how to make great use of optical phenomena like the Bokeh of certain lenses.

Next up is real-life tips and tricks. This is where you benefit from Matt's extensive professional experience as he shares the kind of wisdom which can only be obtained from shooting in a wide spectrum of scenarios and situations. He gives you invaluable professional tips on everything from how to be super clear with the client about the terms of what you are shooting and delivering, as well as protecting your images with watermarking until/unless they've been been paid for! You also learn the logistics of breaking down and planning the shots so you can even work with a partner to make sure you get all the shots you need to keep clients happy at the end of the project!

Matt concludes with an all important section about image management and storage.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Sensor Size
3. Building Your Lens Library
4. Lens Specs: Demystified
5. The Pros and Cons of Teleconverters
6. External Flash Systems
7. External Microphones for Video
8. Cleaning Your Gear
9. Storage Options Explored
10. Metering Modes in Depth
11. Getting More Control in Aperture Priority
12. Getting More Control in Shutter Priority
13. Manual Mode and Auto ISO
14. ISO and Noise Reduction
15. In-Camera Image Processing
16. The Rule of Thirds
17. Bokeh
18. Manual HDR Photography: Taking the Picture
19. Manual HDR Photography: Combining Images
20. Using Automatic HDR Mode
21. Portraiture Photography Tips
22. Nature and Landscape Photography Tips
23. Sports and Action Photography: Where to Begin
24. Macro Photography
25. Shooting Musicians and Concerts
26. Event Photography and Shot Sheets
27. Event Photography Terms and Communication
28. Working With a Partner
29. Watermarking Images
30. Business Photography Math
31. Saying "Yes, I can do that"
32. Branching Out Into Video
33. Storing Your Images
34. Backup: Onsite and Offsite
35. Developing vs. Editing
36. Developing Your Images for Delivery
37. What's Next?
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Digital Photography 201 - Advanced Digital Photography

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