Digital Versatile Disc


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Discover the wonder technology created by man ... the Digital Versatile Disc
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E disc is damaged!
"Yesterday I catagorized the hard disk with acronis disk director, the restart operation in the implementation of 57% stucked, hence I restart ~~~~Tip: E disk is damaged! Help,there are a lot of things in it, I can't formatting it!..."
Burning Disc in windows 8
"Hello, you all Does anyone know how to transfer pix received as email attachment to a CD in windows 8? i know this issue has probabaly come up many times before in this forum and i am waiting here for your help. many thanks in advance...."
C:/ not Open in Windows 8
"Hi guys, My laptop is running with Windows 8 home premium, and my system disc is set as C:/ as usual. This morning, I clicked it to look up the system information. But I failed, then I tried it repeatedly, but the result was always the same. I do ..."


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Digital Versatile Disc

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