Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures


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Four exciting adventures are available for additional purchase within the game!

In “The Pixie Hollow Games”, Join Clank and Bobble as they bring you to the heart of the action in this year's Flower Power-UP, Slug Slide, Mouse Polo, and the famous Pixie Cart Derby Games. Help your team compete in these exciting fairy events. Many talent guilds will enter, but only one team will be the champion!

In “North of Never Land”, Tink's ambitious plan to journey alone to the island north of Never Land soon runs into trouble when she finds herself stranded in the wilderness without pixie dust. Tinker Bell must be more clever and courageous than ever before. Will she be able to find the Mirror of Incanta in the old pirate shipwreck in time to save the Autumn Revelry?

“Once in a Blue Moon”, Tinker Bell's friendship with Terence is tested when he tries to help her assemble her scepter. Things only get worse when the precious moonstone is accidentally shattered, dooming the Pixie Dust Tree and the rest of Pixie Hollow. Only the mythical Mirror of Incanta can save Pixie Hollow -- but can Tink find it in time?

In “Saving Spring,” Tinker Bell accidentally unleashes a pack of sprinting thistles, which stampede through all the spring preparations in Pixie Hollow. If something isn’t done to clean up the mess – and fast – spring may not come to the mainland this year. Will Tink be able to repair the damage in time to save the season?
Disney Fairies: Hidden Treasures is an episodic adventure game. You play as a fairy helping Lyria – Pixie Hollow’s most famous storyteller – as she tells tales of Tinker Bell and her friends in their many adventures across Never Land. You will encounter Tink’s close friends Rosetta, Vidia, Silvermist, Fawn, and Iridessa, as well as Queen Clarion, Clank and Bobble, Fairy Mary, Terence, and many other friends as you search for hidden objects, play games, solve puzzles, and invent creative contraptions.
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Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures

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