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DK Print your own T. Rex is a ground-breaking app that lets you uncover every detail of the life and anatomy of one of the most ferocious predators ever to have roamed the earth: king of the tyrant lizards, Tyrannosaurus rex.

Become a palaeontologist and visit an excavation site to dig, pick, and brush away the rocks that hide the fossilized remains. Piece together your dinosaur with the incredible fragments you uncover. Once your T. Rex has been recreated bone-by-bone, an amazing, detailed 3-D model of the skeleton is unlocked, and you can spin, zoom, and view it from every angle. Then you can 3-D print your model from a 3-D printer at home or at a printing site, so you have your very own T. Rex skeleton!

This app uses DK’s rich visual content to offer a unique and detailed view of the T. Rex. It is perfect for anyone with an interest in dinosaurs.
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DK Print your own T. Rex

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