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DomainTool is a simple App for Business folks who want to check quickly whether a Domain Name is available for registration. Ofcourse you can register with any domain name registrar, this is just to check the availability quickly, instead of you opening a browser, search in google domain name registration provider, go to their page, find out where to search for a domain availability, click search, then you know, they may want to know you're a human asking you to type the characters from an image, you get confused of those blurry words/letters in that image, sometimes miss the 'space', then finally hit search, meanwhile close numerous pop-up window Ads, without getting distracted with those Flash Ads, focus on what you want and see the domain you want is available or not ! Oh geesh, hell a lot of stuff just to check whether a domain is available for your business, let's forget it.

Let me tell you, just download this DomainTool App for Windows 8, you can search and see for a domain availability in next 10 seconds (App size is really small too).

DomainTool also makes it simple to find out the owner of a domain name from 'WhoIs' page. This tool will provide information about who/which organization owns a domain, with whom it's registered with, when it was created, updated, when it's going to expire (watch it if you want the same domain), their name servers and a whole lot more.

This ownership search is FREE—just search for the domain name you want to know about from Windows 8 'Charms Bar' Search box and click the Search icon or press 'Enter' in your keyboard.

And you can enter the domain name you're interested in without being too particular—here are some examples illustrating the three different forms the domain search will accept:
Any of these forms will give you the search results.

DomainTool Windows 8 App is not just for searching Domain Names, you can check / ping your Device IP Address from 'My IP' page. It will give your Windows 8 Device IP Address. This will be handy if you may want at times, you don't have to search around in Windows settings to see where to find it.

You know what, more relevant tools are coming soon in this app added anything specific to Domain, Hosting, needs, relevant news, what others talk about these topics in Twitter/Facebook and other places.

Why wait, go ahead and download it.
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