Doom and Destiny


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After the incredible success on Windows Phone, XBOX and Windows 7 D&D arrives on a great new Windows Store edition.
You can now control the game with your touchscreen, with an XBOX gamepad or a keyboard!
Strange events bring four nerdy friends in a fantasy world made of cliche, strange people and a lot of humor. Featuring more than 25 hours of fun, 200+ skills to defeat the 300+ enemies and over 500 between items and equipment D&D is a must have in your collection. Explore a gigantic world with more than 700 locations and unleash the power of the Spaghetti Monster!

Winner of :
+XBox Indie Summer Uprising (Top 8 out of 80 games)
+WP App Star (Top 64 out of 9.000)
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Doom and Destiny

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