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Draw anything.
Let your small one get all his/ her imagination out on screen.
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Resolution Issue in Windows 8
"Hello guys, My screen is 21.5. And I do not know why I just can maximize it to 1280*1024. WhenI was using Vista operating system, it can work normally. Recently, I alterede the operating system to Windows 8 ultimate, and I could still not set the ..."
Why the Win8 Screen Saver cannot be Saved?
"Hi guys, I set the screen saver for my windows8 and it works no problem, but if i restart my computer the setting is not working any more and i have to reset again. What's the problem with my screen saver? I am so confused. I never set my sc..."
Why doesn't the screen saver work?
"Hi When I set the screen saver, and it won't come on. When you go to preview it will come on for half of a second and then go off. I've checked and the video card works fine and is up to date on drivers. This hasn't been for just Win 8 but also 7..."


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draw it

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