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Dungeon Of Slyn is a roguelike role-playing game in which you'll get to explore a randomly generated dungeon with lots of dangers at every corner.

Join a brave hero in a deadly quest

As the story goes, the dreadful Lord Slyn has been pillaging and looting the hard working people of Rend for quite some time and no one has ever managed to put an end to his evil reign.

As one of the few mighty heroes of the realm, you've been tasked to enter Lord Slyn's dungeon and kill him to stop all the suffering he's caused bringing peace to the entire land.

As easy as it may sound, this will prove to be one of the most dangerous challenges you've ever encountered, and you'll have to use your wits to hope that you'll get out alive. Moreover, once you manage to reach the bottom level of the dungeon and slay Lord Slyn, you'll also have to fight your way and survive the road back to the surface.

Multiple player classes with awesome abilities

Before starting your quest you will have to choose one of the five possible hero classes: fighter, mage, paladin, priest, and ranger.

Each of these classes come with unique strengths and weaknesses that will require a different approach when confronting the enemies from the dungeon.

Furthermore, as most rogulike games, death is final so advance carefully and engage in battles only when you're sure you can come out victorious or you'll have to start the adventure from the very beginning.

Besides monsters, the dungeon is also the place where you will find lots of weapons, equipment and consumables with different properties. While some can give you an instant boost to your skills, other can be cursed and besides their negative effects will bind to your hero needing you to remove their curse if you want to get rid of them.

Spell books, potions, and magic wands can also be found during your adventure but, will require identification scrolls if you don't want to risk casting a curse on yourself or drinking a deadly potion.

The game packs lots of content regarding weapons, equipment, and other consumables which combined with the random dungeon generator, makes it deliver a completely unique experience each time you play it.
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Dungeon Of Slyn Free

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