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As an independent volunteer bus driver you want to add your part to help the children in need of an education. You want to motivate these children by bringing them to class each day. To these children you aren’t just a bus driver, you are a pillar of support, a person who they can talk to and share their problems with each morning. Some of these children live on the streets and just have a lack of motivation, while others live a far distance from the school and can’t reach it unless they walk for hours. Thanks to an agreement you made with the foundations who build the schools you can drive around the slums and many other places to pick up the children and bring them to class.
Every morning you will have to drive through the city and its slums which are basically mazes filled with its own dangers and dead ends. You have to get the children to school in time before their class starts, if you fail to get them all to school in time you will lose the level. If you drive to risky and crash against huts, houses or any other obstacle you have the chance to break the bus you are driving. Even though the bus won’t get destroyed after a single hit, you will lose credits which are vital for upgrading your bus. If the bus gets destroyed because of receiving too much damage, it will be a loss for that level. You can pick up children by pulling over close to them and then honk the horn of the bus. If the children are within the range of the horn, which is illustrated by a circle, they will start to get on the bus. But be warned, if you drive too hazardous the children will be frightened and they will disperse away from the bus, which will make it harder to gather them on board. The bus only has a limited amount of seats, so once the bus is full you will have to drive the children to school and then come back for the rest. If you manage to get all the children in class before the time runs out you win the level. For every child you have dropped off you get an amount of credits. When you win or lose a level you will get the chance to upgrade your bus. You will have to use the credits you gained from bringing the children to class to upgrade your bus. There will be a wide range of upgrades. Such as an upgrade to have extra seats in the bus, or an upgrade to be able to drive faster. You will also be able to buy bus stops that you can place on the map so children will gather around them and it will be easier for you to pick up those children. There will also be jerry cans scattered around on the map, these cans will fill up your fuel tank. So keep an eye on the fuel meter because you can’t drive around with an empty fuel tank. Once your fuel tank is depleted, you will have to restart the level.
Will you be the one to take on the task to get the children to school safely? Use all your driving talent and logic and just try!
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