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eTelnet is a simple and free to use Telnet client for Windows 8.
It has quick connect option for rapid connection, and an option to create a connection for later user.
eTelnet supports a subset of ASCII ANSI protocol that’s allow to connect to a wide variety of devices for configuration and text based BBS.
The main specs of eTelnet was:
- Standard Telnet client
- ASCII ANSI and VT100 partial support.
- ASCII IBM 850 character encoding. The most used for BBS.
- ASCII or Hex typing, that allow to send Hex data to the server.
- Quick connect option
- Create and save connections for later use, with a reference bitmap image for his tile.
- Report error option, which allows to inform of a device or BBS malfunction. It help us to improve the software.
- Support for x86, x64 and ARM devices.

v1.1 Update:
- Fixed bug that prevents new connections to be saved.
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