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This application delivers you all the information you need as a (virtual or real) pilot about the airports you are flying from/to: basic information, charts, COM data, NOTAMs, weather, ...
All the important data is updated real-time, charts with AIRAC Cycle updates, weather with every published METAR (usually hourly).
It also offers an offline mode based on content caching, so you can take a look at your charts even without an Internet connection. Caching also means that the app downloads the same charts only once, greatly lowering your data connection usage.
For now it works with US airports only (ICAO code beginning with 'K'), but we are planning to extend the coverage to all the major airports in the world.
We hope you make good use of our application, and we encourage you to tell us if you have an idea of a new feature or if you come across an issue while using the app.
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FAA Charts & Information

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