File Explorer App


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An app version of the Desktop tool, Windows File Explorer. Allows you to browse folders and launch files.
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edit hosts file windows 8
"As a website designer, I usually setup sites on my computer, and modify them before uploading them into online website servers. However, after installed Windows 8, I can't edit hosts file. (I use Windows XP before, it works well.) It keeps telling..."
Slowly File Transfer in Windows 8
"Can anyone help?Here! My laptop have been used for two years and recently I upgraded to Window 8 Beta from Win 7 Ultimate. But I found that after I upgraded the system, the file transfer speed is very slow, such as it took 40 minutes to copy a 4.5 g..."
Windows Explorer customization in windows 8
"hello, everyone coming here for some help because ou guys have fixed all my problems in the past. i just upgraded to windows 8 and want to apply customizations similar to what I use in windows 7. in most cases, window backgrounds such as a microso..."


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File Explorer App

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