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FlipClock, see how time just flips away retro style, now on your windows 8 device!
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Cannot enable Aero in Windows 8 RC
"Hi there, let's directly to the point. I am currently running windows 8 release candidate as a virtual pc in virtualbox/. With some unknown reason, i can't enable the aero theme. BTW, my virtual pc has got 512mb of memory and 128mb of graphics me..."
Windows 8RC Installation Issue
"Hey guys, This morning, I tried to install Windows 8 on my computer, but I came across some trouble here. The windows 8 RC can not be installed in the specified partition. When I clicked to choose the partition, the installation program indicated ..."
Windows 8 RC to Win 8 upgrade
"Hi guys, I am using 64 bit windows 8 Pro and i've been loving how sleek and quick it has been. But now i just want to change what I'm running from [URL="http://www.forumswindows8.com/general-discussion/windows-8-rc-download-92.htm"]RC[/URL] on virtu..."


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