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Make card games like MTG less of a hassle with this lightweight point tracker!

Rather than going out and buying spin-down dice to keep track of life, health, or any numeric point value and having to fumble them around, you can use this app to have everything on one board and can keep it concise. This app was designed with Surface in mind, but will work fine on other displays as well. In fullscreen, you can seat up to 6 friends around your device and input their positions so that they can see it from where they are sitting. If you don't like how the display shows outwards, you can also pane it onto the side to get a scrollable list of everyone who is participating. The scrollable list is great if you want to browse as well but keep track of the game at the same time.

One of the strongest points of this app that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere is the flexibility you have in positioning players. Beyond the two viewing modes (widscreen and paned), the top and bottom cells can house two players each, but sometimes this isn't necessary. If you want more viewing space, you can expand a player window to take up the entire bottom or right bar. The player shifting is fluid and you can change the name of the player anytime by clicking the name already in place.
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You can't change the window 8 colors?
"Hi, everyone I just wondering can anyone change the colors inside the windows 8 if you run Aero? Thank you for sharing what you found...."


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Health Counter

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