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Helium Remote is a client application that enables you to remotely control Helium Music Manager.

An installation of Helium Music Manager is required on your PC to be able to use this application.

Helium Music Manager can be downloaded from www.helium-music-manager.com.

This application is ideal if you want to control Helium Music Manager away from your PC.
It uses the Wi-Fi connection to receive playing information and to send control commands to Helium Music Manager from anywhere in and around your home.
You can therefore become a remote DJ and control music for your parties without having to be near to your PC.

+Easily control Helium Music Manager from your sofa
+Play or Pause your music
+Select Next or Previous track
+Full control of music volume
+Full control over tracks in the Play queue
+Album artwork and details shown for playing track
+Browse Playlists/Smart Playlists and play or enqueue them
+Browse Favourite Album, Artist and Tracks and play or enqueue them
+Explore artist/groups in a visually attractive way
+Search Helium Music Manager's library for albums, artists, titles, genre, years and publishers - play or enqueue found tracks
+No additional software to Helium Music Manager required on PC
+Support for English, German and Swedish languages

+This application requires Helium Music Manager version 9.5 or greater. (works well with the free version). The most recent version is recommended.
+Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection to the PC running Helium Music Manager
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Helium Remote

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