Home Automation for LightwaveRF


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Control your home from your Windows 8 tablet or computer!

If you have a LightwaveRF Wifi Link or a CoCo/KlikAan-KlikUit Internet Control Station in your home, you can use this app to control your lights and devices.
The app works both at home and when you're away:
- if at home, the app communicates with your LightwaveRF device directly
- if away, it communicates via the internet
Use the bottom bar on the main page of the app to specify whether you are at home or away.

You can either define your rooms, devices and timers via this app, or you can download the configuration you created earlier on the Lightwave Manager website (please see https://lightwaverfhost.co.uk/manager).
Use the top bar on the main page of the app to open the configuration page.
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Home Automation for LightwaveRF

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