Hydro Thunder Hurricane


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The adrenaline-soaked sequel to Midway’s legendary arcade racer is now available on Windows 8! Hydro Thunder Hurricane features high-powered speedboats rocketing through over-the-top themed environments, gorgeous visuals, and amazing dynamic water physics.

Test your skills in 11 mysterious and dangerous race environments including Monster Island, the Bermuda Triangle and Area 51 – each one packed with massive jumps and drop-offs, secret shortcuts, destructible objects, and special events that racers trigger in-game.

Unlock 20 all-new transforming speedboats as well as classics from the original Hydro Thunder like Razorback and Rad Hazard. Collect Boost powerups and fire up your on-board rockets for teeth-rattling speed. Conquer four game modes – Races, Ring Masters, Gauntlet, Championships -- and race against your Friends’ best performances in the all-new Ghost Race!
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Hydro Thunder Hurricane

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