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Money2India.com is trusted by hundreds of thousands (lacs) of users annually for their money transfer needs to India and continues to be a preferred online and secure money transfer tracking service.Money2India.com is a very convenient, efficient, secure and cost–effective online money transfer tracking service. Simply complete a one-time instant, online registration for the service at www.money2india.com and start sending money from any bank in over 15 countries to any beneficiary in India.

At Money2India.com, we continuously strive to offer value added services to our esteemed users. The Money2India App is another such initiative from Money2India that will enable users to access the Money2India services anytime, anywhere from the comfort & portability

Over the years of constant engagement with our users, we understand your anxiety during money transfers and our priority is to relieve you of this anxiety by ensuring seamless transfers - with round the clock customer service availability
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ICICI Bank Money2India

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