InDesign CS6 101 - Exploring The Interface


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Join MPV trainer and graphic design expert Mark Gatter as he lays out the new InDesign CS6 interface...

In this world of quick turnarounds and "I need it this afternoon" demands, you’ve got to know every option and setting that InDesign CS6 offers. And a huge part of learning InDesign begins with knowing how to deftly maneuver around its interface. That’s where Mark Gatter’s vast experience comes into play. Join Mark as he walks you through ID CS6‘s new interface while, at the same time, throwing in a trick here, and a useful tip there to help you on your way!

As in an artist’s real studio, it all starts with setting up a workspace that works for you; InDesign's workspace is the virtual equivalent. That’s why Mark demonstrates how and why you need to set up your workspace in a way that makes sense for your designing needs and those of any particular design project. He also explains how mastering the InDesign interface means less frustration down the road and more productivity as you evolve your designs.

After watching this tutorial, you'll have the confidence to set up your working environment to tackle any graphic design project—big or small—that lands on your desk.

Table of Content

1. Introduction (The Application Frame and Welcome Scre...
2. The InDesign Screen
3. The Workspace and Saving a New One
4. Editing a Saved Workspace
5. Object Info Basics
6. Object Info Editing
7. Object Selection and Zooming
8. Adding and Editing Text Basics
9. Advanced Text Editing: Character Settings
10. Advanced Text Editing: Paragraph Settings
11. Selection Basics
12. The Gap, Text and Line Tools
13. The Pen Tool
14. The Pencil, Smooth and Erase Tools
15. The Rectangle Shape vs. Frame Tools
16. The Ellipse, Polygon and Scissor Tools
17. The Free Transform, Rotate, Scale and Shear Tools
18. View Options
19. Screen Mode
20. Document Arrangement
21. Saving a Document
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InDesign CS6 101 - Exploring The Interface

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