InDesign CS6 105 - Working With Images


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Nothing is more powerful than a strong, clear, well-placed image. Join Adobe Certified Expert trainer and Graphic Design Pro Mark Gatter as he shows you how to give your images maximum impact in Adobe’s InDesign CS6...

Mark begins by giving you a thorough walk-through of how different image formats are handled by InDesign. Understanding the strengths of each format ensures that you will choose the best one for any given situation and Mark’s real-world commercial printing experience is invaluable as he teaches you how to avoid common pitfalls with his expert advice.

Mark then takes the confusion out of InDesign’s image “fitting” commands. He shows you his surefire techniques for resizing and “fitting” images inside frames, while maintaining “effective PPI”. These techniques ensure that your images will always show up correctly, regardless of whether your final output will be for onscreen delivery, digital printing or commercial offset printing.

Mark then packs in lots of added value by showing you how to frame your images attractively using clever combinations of image formats and custom frame shapes. By the end of this course, you’ll not only have the knowledge and confidence to work effectively with images, you’ll add many handy new tricks to your InDesign repertoire!

Table of Contents

1. Importing Images with Mini Bridge
2. Importing Images with Big Bridge
3. Importing Images using the Place Command
4. CMYK Image Settings
5. RGB Image Settings
6. Photoshop Document Settings
7. Resolution: Print And Web
8. Resolution: Digital Printing
9. JPEGs: Quality Settings
10. JPEGs: Color Settings
11. TIFFs: Advantages and Disadvantages
12. PSDs: Advantages and Disadvantages
13. Selecting the Image and Selecting the Frame
14. Sizing Images with the Control Bar
15. Sizing Images Manually
16. Resolution and Resizing
17. Rotating Images
18. Custom Image Frames
19. Reshaping Image Frames with the Pen Tool
20. Bringing in Multiple Images with Mini Bridge
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InDesign CS6 105 - Working With Images

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