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This update enables you to use the Mobile Banking App for Windows 8-tablet or pc for both your personal accounts and your business accounts.

Based on your feedback we created an app to be used by our business clients. Do you have internet banking (Mijn ING) for a business account and are you entitled to do payments? Then install this update and add your business accounts. We have also changed all our service phone numbers. We no longer use 0900 numbers, but have switched to numbers using regular area codes.

We invite you to share your experiences with us. With your help we can continue improving the Mobile Banking App. For instance, currently we are working on releasing the app for windows based tablets.

Features Mobile Banking App for Windows 8
• Easy money transfer
• Use your personal and savings accounts
• Use your business accounts
• View transactions
• View Credit Card details (personal account)
• Also available in Dutch
• Log on quickly and secure with your selected mobile PIN
• Free and easy to use

What do you need to use the app?
• A Dutch account at ING
• Your own debit card
• A personal Mijn ING account (Internet Banking)
Please note: this also applies to joint accounts

• A Dutch Business account at ING and authorization to do payments
• Your personal Mijn ING business account (Internet Banking)

Simple registration
Registration is very easy. After downloading and installing the Mobile Banking App, all you need to do is fill in some personal details and follow the steps shown. You only need to follow these steps once, before getting started with Mobile Banking. You can simply log on with your selected mobile PIN on subsequent visits.

Learn more about mobile banking for personal accounts at or for business accounts Here you will also find the additional license terms and conditions.

When using your Windows phone, you want to manage your banking affairs securely. For this reason please make sure that you use a secure connection. We recommend that you always use the latest version of the app, since it has all the latest features and meets the latest security standards.
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ING Bankieren

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