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Two guitar brand guitar related specifications and descriptions
And introduce three related bands
Learn to play the guitar of course, have the guitar, we can borrow, you can with a friend A, can .... Unfortunately no sometimes had to use to buy friends.

Big money does not matter, so be sure to buy the appropriate guitar. How choose it? I recommend the following: find an experienced friend to help pick. Ah, I seem to talk nonsense. Pick a guitar handy for your own, that is based on the size of your palm to pick. Pick a pitch right guitar. Preferably tuner help. Otherwise they rely on friends Erli friends. Pick a normal guitar chord. Really, the general musical instruments on display guitar. Chord height are high, this will lead to future learning disorders and frustration. Please measuring about 12 of the chord grid high bar ...

Well, the election is over. You might want to ask, or your friend said it should pay board guitar or guitar sound that bad, does not light, or noise a big point ... I think it does not matter, you can not be too far off the mark. Of course, if you are buying NT10, 000 more than the guitar is another matter it ...
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Introduction guitar

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