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The famous IP CAM Controller now extends to Windows Store!! The RT version of IP CAM Controller continues the philosophy of direct, quick and simplified controlling your IP camera by providing Tap to Center - just tapping on the image and camera moves. Whilst it also makes good use of the large screen on your Windows tablets - a nice preview in main screen and a really comprehensive Multi-View feature.

Don't forget the great and gorgeous live tiles support by the way - pin the app (or cameras, views) to start screen and see what happen :)

Audio support is available for following brands:
AirLink, Astak Mole, Axis, Canon, ComPro, D-Link, EasyN, Foscam, Ipux, IP Webcam, Level One, LogiLink WC0008A, Maygion, Panasonic, Tenvis IPRobot3, Toshiba, TP-Link, TRENDNet, VivoTek, WansView, Y-Cam, Yudor

Common Usage:
* In main screen, press and hold on camera icon or tap on the bottom darker area of the icon will show a context menu - to edit, delete, preview camera; or simply drag a camera to preview area.
* You can re-order your camera sequence by dragging the camera and let go to a new position. The same apply to Multi-View list.
* In main screen, dragging camera toward bottom first would be much easier to activate as the camera list is scrollable horizontally.
* In multi-view, directly drag your camera to a cell you like.
* Fast copy camera is available when selecting "edit camera" context menu from main screen; or choose "Save and Stay" when saving new camera.
* For mouse + keyboard: use CTRL + Mouse Wheel to zoom in or zoom out in single view.
* You can share your camera setting to your family or friends in single view screen: activate bottom bar, select "Share via File" or "Share via Link". The same file or link could be even open in the WP8 version of IP CAM Controller.
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IP CAM Controller

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