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Generates a random password
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"yesterday, I re-configured my Windows 8 login password, but I can't remember it now! Damn it. How can I perform Windows 8 login password recovery?..."
Auto Logon of Windows 8
"Hey, guys, I'm here for your timely help. I installed my laptop with Windows 8 last week. It has been running well, wiht only one exception about the auto logon. You know, I want to set the anto logon without to input password from the hibernating..."
Reinstalltion Problems of Windows 8
"Hello, everbody, I forgot the logon password of my laptop with the operating systm of windows 8. And I want to resinstall a system in F:/ . Usually, I fromat C:/, but now I want format F:/. I did not try this before. If I do format F:/ and instal..."


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Just A Password

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